Does the Stroller You Choose Help Your Baby to Talk?

Choosing a Stroller to Help Baby Talk?

It may be just a bit unlikely but it's true, the model of stroller or push chair you purchase can have an impact on the rate at which your child's speech develops. If possible, when you look at what style of stroller or pushchair to purchase, opt for one where the baby is facing you, or that is reversible.

Reversible Strollers


Relax Your Baby with Music

Babies Relax with Music

You've almost certainly seen videos and CDs for babies. I would avoid the videos for kids under two years old, as there is increasing research evidence that time spent observing TV is time spent NOT learning anything. But CD's are absolutely different. There are some theories that classical music, especially music by Mozart, can make your baby smarter. Nevertheless, exposing your child to music is part of what we...

Research Confirms How to Teach Baby to Talk.

Baby Talk or Not?

Infant-directed speech, or baby talk, which uses a sing-song lilting, higher pitched voice with repetitive simple sounds which babies prefer and pay attention to, is just as vital up to the age of twelve months, as hearing everyday normal speech.

The child learns different things from each style of talk. From "baby talk" he learns the sheer pleasure of communicating; how to ma...