Does the Stroller You Choose Help Your Baby to Talk?

Choosing a Stroller to Help Baby Talk?

It may be just a bit unlikely but it’s true, the model of stroller or push chair you purchase can have an impact on the rate at which your child’s speech develops. If possible, when you look at what style of stroller or pushchair to purchase, opt for one where the baby is facing you, or that is reversible.

Reversible Strollers

Reversible strollers and pushchairs can have the child either facing you or facing forward. The younger the youngster, the more essential it is that they are facing the parent or carer when out in the stroller for any length of time.

When the baby is facing you, you can speak to your baby about their environment. You can also see what is ahead of you before baby does and you can make short stops to talk about exciting items.

Young babies and toddlers need to be able to see you, to feel safe. It’s a common sight in the streets to see a baby or toddler, often older than two years, sitting in a forward-facing stroller, with a pacifier or soother, in his or her mouth.

Presumably this is to keep the child quiet because they cry and fret and generally don’t feel happy or secure in their stroller, or, maybe they are feeling bored having no-one to talk to and they quite naturally fuss about that.


Forward Facing Strollers

Think of all the opportunities those babies miss out on for talking with the parent about their surroundings. Think of all the conversation they miss and having the world explained to them. Of course, intelligent parents know that the more often you speak to an infant the more the child learns. So by having baby facing you in the stroller, you can help baby to talk


Backward Facing Strollers

backward facing strollerBy facing the parent or carer in a backward facing stroller, and being spoken to in the course of a trip in the stroller, the baby will be more engaged, interested and focused on objects or events around them.  Everything in the outdoors that we take as ordinary is new to a baby and sometimes frightening.

There is so much taking place in the world outside the home, that the baby needs the parent to focus on specific things, describe them, talk about them. This is how a child or toddler’s vocabulary grows.

Each new word learned and every new experience grows your baby’s brain. Use every single chance during a journey with baby in the stroller to increase his or her word-bank and explain the world to your baby. So whenever feasible select a backward-facing stroller and help baby talk.


About Ella Jackson
Ella Jackson is a retired teacher and educationist who taught children in Nursery School, Kindergarten, all stages of Primary School as well as home tutoring numerous children with learning difficulties such as dyslexia. During her career she was involved in educational research in primary schools and has a special interest in theories of learning, using the arts in education and language development. She is also the mother of three grown up children. Her ebook “How to Teach your Baby to Talk” is a 96 page, illustrated guide for parents and carers on a sure method of teaching babies to how talk

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