Teaching Baby To Talk – The Special Role of Mother’s Voice

Mother’s Voice How It Helps Babies Learn to Talk

Recent research by scientists on babies within 24 hours of baby’s birth have discovered that when a baby is born it’s brain is already hard-wired to learn how to talk when hearing it’s mother’s voice.

mother talking to one week old babyThe scientists Dr. Maryse Lassonde of the Canadian University of Montreal’s Department of Psychology and the Sainte-Justine University Hospital Research Centre, placed sensors on babies heads to show which parts of the brain were activated when a baby heard it’s mother’s voice. They contrasted the results when baby heard another female voice making the same sound.

When the baby heard it’s mother speak, the part of the brain which is used for learning to talk was activated, but when the baby heard the exact same sound spoken by another female, only the voice-recognition area of the brain was activated.

Is this a concern when increasing numbers of mothers in full-time employment are using child-care.?

A Special Way of Talking to Babies

The widely known fact that mothers also use a special way of talking to their babies (motherese) was taken into account for the research, by having the second female, a nurse, meet with the mother several times before the baby was born.

This is important new research which should emphasise to mothers how important it is that they talk to their babies whenever they get the chance.

For working mothers who have to leave their young babies with carers, it’s vital that they spend as much of their home-time as possible, talking to their babies in order to switch on the language learning area of baby’s brain and help their babies to learn to talk.